Weed Vaping Techniques – How To Vape Marijuana

If you are a stoner who has recently become interested in vaping marijuana, then today you are in luck, because we have developed one of the most comprehensive pieces of vaping information in the history of the entire industry. Our minds have recently reviewed the best weed vaporizers on the market, and this is what we have come up with, so listen up.  The best marijuana vapes that you can possible buy will have a super fast heat up time, and be able to instantly vaporize your herbs in a matter of seconds, not minutes.  If you want to find the very best solution for your vaping needs, then using a portable weed vaporizer is definitely your best option that you should definitely consider.  We have tested out a variety of the different products on the marketplace, and what we have come up with is that there are many different brands and models, so ultimately it’s up to you to test out each product in order to come up with a great list of items that you should like purchasing.

Portable Weed Vapes

There are several different types of portable weed vapes on the marketplace, and we’re going to outline them here in this post.  The number one, highest rated portable marijuana vaporizer on the planet that we think is the most effective is probably the Arizer Solo.  This vape is extremely high quality, and we will likely see a variety of different herb vapes come onto the marketplace in the new year, so definitely stay tuned.  Our review team has used a variety of different wax and concentrate vapes as well, and the best one that we have seen so far is the Omicron 2.5 and the Persei which are both made by the same company “Delta 9”.  These vapes are important to the overall success of the industry, so you should definitely check them out as soon as you get an opportunity.  We have put this one to the test, and every single person on our team likes it, and says they would buy it with their own money if they were given the chance.

Weed Vape Pens

The best weed vape pen that we have used that is under $100 is the Atmos Jump by far, but there are some higher end units such as the T Vape Version 2 that cost about $120 but perform much better in the long run. If you want to spend a little bit more money, then something such as the T Vape is definitely the right choice for you, and is something that you will want to consider in the near future as more products are released into the industry, and more people begin making moves.  Our company has been reviewing these products for quite some time now, so if you are a vape pen company who wants to get some more exposure for your items, then please feel free to get in touch with us today, and we will put you in touch with the right people who will show you the best solutions for your marijuana vaping needs.

Vaporite Budy Pen Review

The Vaporite Budy Pen is a high quality 3 in 1 style vaporizer pen that can be used with a variety of different materials and substances. This pen is great for newcomers to the industry who are just looking to get their hands on something that works and is effective at vaporizing their many different substances. Another great thing about the Vaporite Platinum is that it offers customers a great opportunity to get in touch with something that they haven’t experienced before: using multiple types of materials.  The budy pen pro can easily handle dried herbal blends, oils, or waxes depending on what type of mood you happen to be in at the time.  You can quickly and easily vaporize all of these substances with the corresponding attachment, just hook it up and press the button and you will be vaping in seconds.  Another thing that the Vaporite budy pen is great at is vaporizing waxes.  The old version of the budy pen didn’t have the bulb style attachment but the new one does.  It’s this very attachment that can seriously help you advance your vaping to the next level and get in touch with a new side of this industry.

It’s important that you test out your budy pen before trying it out with friends because this could contribute to how comfortable you feel around others with your new vaporite vaporizer. You can begin to see how much this new pen could positively impact your life, so keep that in mind when you are looking to make your next purchase. A new vape pen can seriously enhance the way you experience your dried herbal consumption, and with this pen you can even use it with waxes and oils as well. This will enable you to feel more comfortable with the other pens that you are going to be using once you finally upgrade to the next level and get your game on track.

In summary, the vaporite budy pen is an excellent option for those who are just getting started and need to gain some valuable experiences in the vaporizer community. This is the vape that you want to have on you when you are out in public and looking for something to do. You can easily and quickly conceal this vaporizer in your pants pocket or jean jacket without much trouble at all. The best way to make sure you aren’t spotted when you are walking around with your vape pen is to ask other people how they are using their products and what the best methods are for keeping them out of sight. Doing this on a daily basis will arm you with the knowledge necessary to figure these products out and be able to select the ones that will be the most beneficial for your current situation.

Portable Haze Vaporizer – Revolutionary Technology

There is a brand new product on the market called the portable haze vaporizer that is making waves and drawing a lot of attention in the marijuana smoking community. The haze is a magnificent achievement as far as revolutionary vape technology goes, and it has really advanced the scientific aspects of the vaporization movement. We have seen groundbreaking products being engineered and released like this before, but not at such a high level of customer satisfaction. Haze technologies has successfully built up a devoted following in the weed smoking community, and you can see how eager their fans are to receive more products and announcements from this new, well respected company. I think that haze’s massive success has to do with the fact that they are in touch with what the customers needs are, and are actively attempting to fulfill them in any way possible. Haze technologies has really advanced their marketing and product distribution in a valiant effort to try to capitalize on the emerging vaporizer industry and hit it right at it’s core. This industry is still rather new, and we have already seen some massive improvements in the technology that has been developed and released earlier this year in 2014, so it will be equally as interesting to observe what is in store for in early 2015 as new companies unveil their latest creations.

It’s one thing to see a vaporizer that is more of a fad come and go from the industry, such as the Indica vaporizer that resembles a zippo lighter. That was a quickly passing gimmicky product, and we are seeing more of that each year in this emerging industry as technologies continue to advance. That’s one positive thing that you can say about the haze, is that they didn’t try to pull the wool over the customer’s eyes. They simply created a high quality product and let the results speak for themselves. If you haven’t tried the haze yet then all I can really say is that you are missing out big time. It’s one of the best vapes that I have ever seen and I will keep on using it until they release another new vape, maybe the Haze 2.0 or the Haze PRO version. The only negative thing that I can really say about the haze is that they didn’t include a water tool attachment, so you can’t purify your vapor further if you are interested in doing so. Some may argue that the vapor quality is already good enough on the haze, and there is no reason to want to purify it further, but some folks may be interested in doing this. It’s important that a company is in tune with what ALL of their customers needs are, not just the majority or a select few. We understand that they are only capable of so much, and they really need to focus their research and development teams on adding new features to the Haze, so we will let them slide this time! But for the future, Haze, if you are listening, please make a water tool attachment it will be one of your best selling products I swear!

Atmos Orbit – The Best Vaporizer Pen For Dried Herbs

The Atmos Orbit has recently been labelled by many vape experts as the best vaporizer pen for dried herbs that has ever been released to the vaping community. This pen has completely changed the way that people vape dried herbs, and it really is a great unit. The vapor quality of this pen is extremely high class, and you will have a tough time locating a more suitable pen for your needs. If you have been searching online for that perfect vape pen but have been ultimately confused and unable to make a concrete decision, then this is the pen for you. You can really put your foot on the gas with this pen and find out what benefits and features that it offers. This pen has made the lives of millions of people better, and you can be next. If you still have any questions about this pen then I suggest you go to AtmosRX.com and ask a customer service rep about this product. You can’t really find a better company than this one, and you should really get in touch with something of a deeper nature if you want to really excel in this industry.

It usually happens once or twice every few years, but a product will come along that will completely change the way the game is played. This year that product is the Atmos Orbit. I believe that Atmos has done such a great job with this pen that they don’t really need to say anything else. All you have to do is take one look inside of their marketing department and you will quickly see how easily they were able to design this pen and make people aware that it exists. Atmos really has stepped up their game lately, and they better in order to compete in this highly competitive marketplace where new products are being released almost daily. You can’t find a company that has as many ethical people as Atmos, so you will want to make sure you are spreading a positive reputation about them to others.

Another great thing about the Atmos Orbit is that it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is simply load up your dried herbs into the ceramic heating chamber and then press the power button five times to unlock the battery. Once the battery is unlocked now all you have to do is press and hold the power button and you will begin vaping. The only downside to the orbit is that you cannot adjust the heat settings to your own personal preference. The orbit really has many settings that will make life easier for you, but this is not one of them. It has been constructed of medical grade materials that will last an extremely long time and make it easier for you to quickly vape your cannabis leaves. Most people who smoke pot regularly are now doing it with vaporizers, so what are you waiting for. Join the rest of the vaping community and purchase your very own Atmos Orbit today!

Should You Start Vaping Your Weed?

There is a question that is hanging over your head, and you may begin to ask yourself if you feel that it is worth it to start using a vaporizer with your weed. Your medical herbal substances that you are consuming on a regular basis are important to your lifestyle, and they are a very integral part of your every day life. You don’t want to just rush into this without the intelligence required to make an informed decision. If you are willing to look up the proper research that is necessary to obtain valuable product information then you will be able to succeed easily in this marketplace. It can be challenging when you are thinking about using a vaporizer for your medical needs, but you must continue to expand your knowledge and get into a nice groove where you can maintain a solid foundation of knowledge about these subjects. If you are able to find a place mentally where you are focusing on your own personal achievements and expansion instead of worrying about what someone else is doing then you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

This important decision that you are now facing will have a huge impact on your entire life, so you must make sure that you have the necessary wits about you to get in touch with something deeper than what is merely on the surface of reality. There is another level to reality that acts on a subconscious, hidden plane that is not visible to the naked eye, and that is where the activity of life really is taking place. If you are going to start vaping immediately then I suggest you enter into this field of study with a quality and tested unit such as the magic flight launch box. This vaporizer has been used by many people in the weed smoking community, and it offers a wide range of features that can be taken advantage of by any member of our society. The vaporizers that are currently being sold in the marketplace are of superior quality to the products that were being peddled just ten short years ago. Back then, you could only find bongs and bubblers along with glass pipes for smoking your marijuana. These days, customers have access to a huge plethora of amazing products that can basically do anything. You have new products hitting the marketplace every few months that are completely altering the way that we look at these things. New items such as the herbalizer are really changing the way we look, feel, and act about these units in our current society. You can use this product with aromatherapy, essential oils, or waxes. Concentrates can really provide a next level experience that can change the way you look at these products for the rest of your life. If you are willing to make that commitment then there is nothing in this world that can stop you.

3 Key Features Of The Haze Vaporizer

3 Key Features of a Marijuana Vaporizer

A good marijuana vaporizer can enhance your use of pot, whether that’s for recreational use or medical purposes. They don’t burn leaves as you do when you smoke a joint or use a bong, so they’re safer for the lungs and often easier to use overall. They’re also discreet and can just look and feel cool! When you’re in the market for a haze vaporizer or vape pen as they’re called, consider 3 key features you want to consider before making your decision.

1. The battery life.

As with your cell phone or MP3 player, you need a good vape pen whose battery will support your use between charges. When you buy a new MP3 player or cell phone you probably check the battery life in addition to all its other features, and you need to do the same with a vape pen especially if you’re going to use it often. Note how long it takes to charge up completely as this too may interfere with your use of the pen. If necessary, find a vape pen that offers a second battery so you can always have one charging while using the other.

2. The material used for the casing.

A lightweight vape pen is a good idea as it’s comfortable and easy to store away in a pocket or purse, but if it’s made with a flimsy or thin plastic it can be more prone to chipping or cracking. Ceramic pens offer both a lightweight feeling and a rugged design while stainless steel is durable although a bit heavier. It will be up to you to determine the right choice depending on your needs; if you use your pen often you’ll want something very durable but something lighter might feel better in your hands.

3. Its overall look.

When you use a marijuana vaporizer you still want it to look good so consider its appearance overall. Fun metallic colors can make using it more enjoyable and something with a retro design can also be a great purchase. Of course not everyone will care about the look of their e-pen but if you’re going to indulge in a good vaporizer you might as well choose one that is fun as well as functional!

Consider these three factors when shopping for a marijuana vaporizer for yourself. This will help you to make the best decision on your purchase overall.

Can You Make Your Own Vaporizer Pens?

Can You Make Your Own Vaporizer Pens?


Vaporizer pens are becoming a popular option for those who want to quit smoking, lose weight, or just enjoy something that feels and tastes like smoking without actually smoking a cigarette. These pens, also called e-cigarettes, are about the size of a thick ink pen and may be slightly weighted for a better feeling when holding them between your fingers.


It’s easy to find these vape pens as they’re called from online retailers and outlets, or they may be sold at convenience stores and tobacco stores. Some even use them for medical marijuana so they may also be found in medical supply stores. While they’re relatively affordable some might wonder if they can make their own vaporizer pens. Consider a few simple tips on how to do this, and some reasons why you might prefer to stick with name brands available at retail outlets.


Making Your Own


You can try to make your own vape pen by hollowing out a ballpoint pen; be sure the outside barrel is not metal as this will get too hot for you to hold when you heat the ingredients inside. Next you need to place a small hole in the center of the pen tube; use a knife or tiny drill to do this.


For your vaporizing you’ll need a small glass tube such as from an eyedropper. The end of the glass tube needs to fit inside the pen so you might need to use pliers or another tool to make a larger opening and body. With your herbs or oils inside the glass tube, heat the tube slightly with a lighter or other flame but be careful you don’t overheat the glass or cause the ingredients to burn. As the vapor begins to form and fill up the pen, you can inhale the opposite end.


Purchasing New


If the instructions above seem a bit clumsy, you’re right! Very often you don’t get a steady flow of vapor with a homemade vaporizer pen and it can be difficult to maintain the heat without burning yourself, your glass tube or the pen. If the glass breaks because it’s overheated this can also be very dangerous as it’s close to your eyes when you’re inhaling the vapor.


Brand name pens are meant to last for years so consider them a worthy investment in your vaporizing pleasure rather than trying to make a clumsy one at home.


Vaporizer Pens For Marijuana

There are so many different styles and brands of products on the market, making it hard to find a quality vaporizer pens for marijuana after trying to sort through all of this contradictory information that exists on the internet. If you are like other cannabis users, you don’t really want to spend 10 hours reading online trying to figure out which vape pen actually works. No, you would rather just vaporizer penhave someone tell you which pen is the best at what it does so you can simply go online and purchase that one and be done with it. However, things are not always that simple and you must really take your time when making your buying decisions or you might end up with a low quality product that doesn’t offer many valuable features for the buyer. One of the first things that you should look for is the companies track record. Do they have a good reputation in the vaporizer industry for making high quality products with amazing benefits and features? Or are they known for simply rebranding cheap chinese products and then slapping their own label on them and increasing the price by 800%? These are the things that you must consider when making your first purchase, and the quicker you are able to identify these things the faster you will become at recognizing high quality units.

One of the best vapor pens for marijuana that we have seen on the market is the pulsar supernova. This is a high quality, dry herb pen that heats up in as little as 1 minute, making it extremely easy to use. Pulsar has also made some other units that are worth taking a look at such as the pulsar 7 and pulsar ninja vaporizer, and these are a bit more affordable than the supernova model. The supernova, however, is better for dry herb and we think it really provides a nice wide herbal chamber that is suitable for filling up with your favorite substances. We love the supernova, and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to get started vaping but really doesn’t know where to look first. Other products that are worth taking a gander at are some of vaporites units, which really offer some great features as well for the customer. The Budy Pen Platinum Pro is especially handy, and while it doesn’t have a highly effective dry herb attachment, you can really get some good usage out of the oil and wax attachments. If, however, you are simply looking to vape dry herbs then I would probably recommend the g pen from grenco science. They have manufactured one of the best dry herb pens on the marketplace and it actually will vaporize your material unlike similar pens in it’s class.

Overall, there are many products to choose from, so take your time and choose wisely. You will be using this device for several months so you want to make sure your vapor pen is a high quality one that works very well. Of course you will have to do enough research to find out the exact measurements of the vapor pipe, but eventually you will get it and you will be happy with your purchase. Good luck finding the right vaporizer pen for cannabis and stay sharp!

Vaporizers And Their Many Uses

There are so many different uses for vaporizers that we have decided to write them down and mentally sift through them to obtain a solid knowledge base about these products. Of course there are many review sites who claim that they have the most valuable knowledge when it comes to portable vaporizers that can handle wax and essential oils, but we like to think that our blog is the most comprehensive in this regard. The opinions of the many experts in this complex field of study have been well documented, and most people firmly agree that the herbalizer is the best desktop vaporizer ever created. It has been well known for quite some time how these things will continue to take place so it’s best that you start to get in touch with the person that you know you can truly be if you set your mind to it. The herbalizer is a complex, high end desktop vaporizer that has vaportherapy mode as well as aromatherapy and freestyle modes. It uses a light bulb to heat up the dried herbs to vaporization temperatures, and can reach those temperatures in roughly five seconds. No other vaporizer on the market has ever been capable of speeds like this, and it’s really amazing to see how well it has been received within the vape community.

Desktop vaporizers are good for people who are going to remain home most of the time and vape with their friends. Your friends will try to convince you that using your vaporizer is not in their best interests, and that you should probably stick to standard pipes and bongs, but you will see first hand from personal experience that using one of these products is the best thing that you could ever do for your health and peace of mind. It is so much easier on your body, and you will notice that after about two months your lungs will begin to clear up and you will be able to breathe much easier than before when you were combusting smoke. The reason for this is that when you are using typical combusting methods you are inhaling a lot of foreign materials that aren’t really supposed to be absorbed into the sensitive lung tissue. When you vaporize instead of combust, it removes these harmful toxins and only extracts the active ingredients in the plant matter, oil, or concentrate. Most people prefer to vape oils in pen vaporizers and dry herb in desktop units. Wax is also a favorite among pro vapers because you can get much higher when using it as opposed to the other forms of marijuana consumption. Weed vaporizers are so popular in the modern culture that we may have to begin telling everyone that we know about them so that they can take advantage of the many benefits of using them as well. Of course there are people who still refuse to switch, but there will always be haters in every area of life, that’s just what they do.

Pen Vaporizers

As the name implies, the vaporizer pen (vape pen) is a handy device which looks the same as a pen. Making use of this type of marijuana vaporizers is incredibly simple all you need do is load the stash inside the pen and you warm it at an extremely high temperature so as to discharge the aroma of the substance without needing combustion. Combustion of materials is a more polluting and dangerous process, so vaporization or vaping is the new strategy to use! Now, the substance used here could be anything from oil to tobacco. Actually, now that Colorado is in the infancy period of attempting to make MJ legal, lots of folks utilize their portable hand-held device for vaporizing cannabis and also enjoy it without a care in the world in the close future!

Since the legalization of Cannabis isn’t yet whole, so vaporizer pens are only used for the role of vaporizing tobacco now. However, the vaporizer popularity is just soaring thanks to the young adults segment of the society because they’re those who make the most use of these apparatus. Apart from a lot, the working people are, in addition, an important contributor to the increase with regard to popularity for the vape pen. While conventional systems of smoking, i.e. combusting or burning tobacco, creates a strong smell, vaporizing the same doesn’t create that strong an scent and one can still get ones nicotine fix from it!

One of the top reasons behind the rising increase vaporizer popularity is how these are so suitable to carry around and use since they look the same as a standard pen. Such device work on Lithium-Ion batteries and are a standard sight in schools, house parties, concerts, parks, etc. They’re an unobtrusive manner of addressing or meeting your nicotine condition because there’s usually no smell generated after nicotine is vaporized rather than combusted. These kinds of vaporizers are pretty new in the marketplace and the popularity has climbed much accelerated after the development of technology.

The pen vaporizer will not just have popularity for no motive, it’s essentially designed for the role of vaporizing e-liquids but additionally, you may use it for vaporizing waxes, oils and also dry herbs! Therefore, it’s consistently a good idea to choose a vaporizer that can vaporize various kinds of products so you would have the ability to derive maximum satisfaction from using such vaporizer. Should you should buy the vaporizer then it’d be advisable to choose a version which has been sanctioned by the FDA.

The main reason for the soaring vaporizer popularity is the fact that vaping or vaporization has lots of advantages over routine combustion. This is because in case of the latter, carbon monoxide is created as an effect of burning tobacco. Also, it takes time for the debris within the tobacco smoking to get fully cleared off from the lungs. So, by changing over to using the vaporizer rather than standard smokes, you’re cutting down the dangers of having cancer by a 50%!